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Cannabis and CBD distribution in California, made simple. 

California’s Leading Cannabis Distribution and Brokerage Company


Tri State Distribution offers a wide range of products to meet the diversified tastes of consumers and ensure their consistent and predictable delivery for our retail partners.

Prepackaged, Bulk Trade, and Transport

Tri State Distribution is a leading distributor of cannabis products servicing over 100 licensed businesses in California. We work with select brands, providing them access to our distribution network and assisting to increase their market share. 

Top Shelf Flower & Pre Rolls

Superior Extracts & Cartridges

Reliable Logistics & Delivery

Tri State Distribution works closely with boutique cultivators and experienced extractors to offer a higher standard of quality flowers and extracts.

As veterans in the industry, we have combined decades of knowledge into one mission; to bring you the best products with unbeatable dependability.


1020 S. Robertson Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90035

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(323) 238-3170